Top 15 The weirdest places music artists have played gigs

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At a pizza joint: Back in 2012, the Foo Fighters played a surprise gig at Rock & Roll Pizza in Woodland Hills, California.

On Wall Street: Back in 2001, director Michael Moore captured a historical moment. 

At the Berlin Wall: David Hasselhoff performed at the Berlin Wall on New Year's Eve 1989, shortly after its fall. 

On an airplane: With their instruments plugged into electric amps and Jonathan Davis.

In Antarctica: Metallica are pretty cool, but they became even cooler (both literally.

On a London rooftop: On January 30, 1969, the Beatles performed on the rooftop of their Apple headquarters in London.

At Cummins Prison Farm in Arkansas: Cash went on to play few more prison gigs.

On the river Thames: The Sex Pistols also played on the River Thames in London on June 7, 1977.

At Pompeii: Back in 1971, Pink Floyd played four nights in the 2,000-year-old amphitheater at Pompeii.

At the Great Wall of China: In 2004, a number of artists, including Cyndi Lauper (pictured).

On the rooftop of a Dublin hotel: U2 once performed on the rooftop of Clarence Hotel in Dublin, Ireland.

On a private jet: In 2007, Jamiroquai performed in a Boeing 757 jet at 33,000 feet (10,058 m).

At Napa State Hospital in California: In 1978, psychobilly and punk rock legends The Cramps played a show.

At the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt: On New Year's Eve 1999, thousands of people welcomed the turn of the century.

At the bottom of a gas rig in the North Sea: In 2006, singer Katie Melua performed at the bottom of  the Statoil Troll A platform gas rig.

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