Top 15 Tips to become a reality TV star

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Don’t overdo your application: NWe’re not saying you should just give “yes” or “no” answers, but avoid writing an essay.

Make your video exciting: Producers want to get to know you. Show them a bit of your world: your home.

Present your life as a movie trailer: You want producers to get excited about the trailer and want to watch the movie.

Answer your phone: TV producers are not going to text you. They’ll most likely call you, and sometimes.

Position yourself between the right people: If you’re queuing, try to position yourself between 'boring' people. 

Wear the right clothes: The key is to wear something memorable, but not silly. You want the producers.

Don’t wear visible logos: This is a no-no. This is because logos will have to be blurred on TV. Basically.

Other fashion tips: According to casting director Sarah Monson, you should also avoid wearing “all black.

Always be ready, even in the waiting room: Producers will keep an eye on the waiting room, so it’s good.

It’s okay to be nervous: It’s natural to be nervous, and you should be open about it.

Use your weaknesses as an advantage: Everyone has flaws and imperfections, but they are not necessarily.

Be yourself: Sounds clichéd, but it’s what reality TV is all about. “Don't put on an act. Just be your genuine self. 

Don’t lie: You might have done things in the past that you’re embarrassed about.

Don’t be fake: Don’t try to act stupid, silly, or behave in a manner in which you don’t usually behave. 

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