Top 15 Traits of a Narcissist

Self-Obsessed: Self-obsession should not be confused with self-love. Self-love is a positive feeling, and everyone.

Lack of Empathy: Narcissists can never understand the feelings of others.

Hypersensitive: They can’t tolerate even the slightest criticism.

Exaggeration: Narcissists have the habit of exaggerating even the smallest achievement in their lives.

Envy: They can’t see anyone rising above them in academics, workplace or any competition.

Exploitative: Narcissists are selfish, condescending and manipulative.

Ruins Relationship: A relationship is based on mutual trust and understanding.

Lives in Illusion: Narcissists create their own fantasy world and think the whole world is confined to their thoughts.

Never Guilty: They won’t ever accept their mistakes.

Full of Rage: They get intensely angry if they fail to accomplish their desires.

Grandiosity: Narcissists have an unrealistic sense of superiority.

Depression: Narcissists are prone to depression.

Holds Grudges: They hold grudges for a long time because of their egoistic behaviour.

Seductive Image: A narcissist might appear very appealing and charismatic.

Stubbornness: Narcissists resist change. They consider themselves perfectionists and resist any kind of change.

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