Top 15 Types of White Caterpillars

 Little Metalmark Caterpillar:These hairy white caterpillars have light green bodies covered with a multitude of tiny white dots. They are peculiar cute critters with long and delicate wispy-white hairs. 

Hickory Tussock Moth Caterpillar: Hickory tussock moth caterpillars grow around 1.77 inches long, with fuzzy white hairs covering their bodies. 

Laugher Caterpillar :These hairs are so fine that they appear almost translucent and seem to glitter in the sun. However, what sets this caterpillar apart from the rest are the unique black-and-white patterns on its head.

Domestic Silk Moth Caterpillar :They grow around 1.5 inches long and have a tiny horn on their backs and yellowish-white feet. Each segment of their body also has a single dot on each side. 

American Dagger Moth Caterpillar: the American dagger moth caterpillar is not venomous, but its fine setae (bristle-like hair) can cause skin irritation if you touch it. 

Fall Webworm Moth Caterpillar:Caterpillars live together in groups, which helps them to regulate temperatures so that their large webs and warm and cozy.

Dalceridae Moth : They look more like slugs than your average caterpillar, with plump, rounded bodies — which is why they are often called “slug caterpillars” as well. 

Virginia Ctenucha Moth Caterpillar:This little critter has a small, black body covered with dense and soft creamy-white hairs that make you want to pick it up and give it a cuddle!

Mullein Moth Caterpillar :The caterpillars of the mullein moth are usually easier to find than the moths themselves. Mullein moths are nocturnal, while caterpillars eat pretty much anytime they feel like it. 

 Spotted Apatelodes Caterpillar:The sensational long coat of hair on the spotted apatelodes caterpillar makes it easy to identify. These lengthy and luxurious hairs are a brilliant white when the caterpillars are young.

Virginian Tiger Moth Caterpillar: They grow up to 1.77 inches long and have spiky hairs of the same length covering their bodies. 

 Sycamore Tussock Moth Caterpillar:Sycamore tussock moth caterpillars grow around 1 to 1.4 inches long. They can usually be found in sycamore trees in northeastern Mexico, eastern parts of the U.S..

Hieroglyphic Moth Caterpillar : This artistically designed animal lives in the tropics of Central and South America, the Caribbean, and some parts of North America.

Catalpa Sphinx Moth Caterpillar: It grows up to 3 inches long, with a pale yellow and black head. In addition, it has a very unique black tail horn at the end of its body that looks like a bee stinger. 

Planthopper Parasite Moth Caterpillar : It often sucks the fluids out of planthoppers for its nutrition. Planthoppers are a group of insects that look like leaves and move quickly like they’re “hopping”. 

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