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Why you keep waking up in the middle of the night: The importance of sleep has been proven.

You’re stressed out or feeling anxious: A bit of stress is normal and even beneficial, but too much.

It might be your gut bacteria: An imbalanced microbiome will also struggle.

Your blood sugar levels might be to blame: Your blood sugar levels fluctuate slightly throughout the day, but if they drop.

Drinking: That glass of wine late in the evening might feel relaxing, but alcohol.

Smoking: Nicotine, regardless of how it’s consumed, can also make you wake up in the middle of the night.

Good ol’ caffeine: Many of us love coffee and other caffeinated drinks such as tea. But caffeine.

Your hormones might be to blame: A hormonal imbalance might keep waking you up in the middle of the night.

You might suffer from sleep apnea: This condition causes you to stop breathing briefly during sleep.

The reason might be nocturia: Do you get up numerous times during the night to urinate? You might.

Prediabetes might be to blame: There are other reasons that can urge you to go to the bathroom multiple.

Your liver function might be off: Imbalances in liver function can have a big impact on your sleep. 

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Your thyroid might be the culprit: When your thyroid is overactive and produces a great quantity of hormones.

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A change to your circadian rhythm: The process that regulates our sleep–wake cycle can change. 

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