Top 5 Beautiful East Coast Lighthouses

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse :“The Graveyard of the Atlantic.” According to some reports roughly 230 boats sunk over a 79-year period from 1866 to 1945, and some accounts say that more than 2,200.

Fire Island Lighthouse: is a historic lighthouse that was often the first thing immigrants to the United States saw as they pulled into New York Harbor. It is the tallest lighthouse on Long Island.

Gay Head Light: is a historic lighthouse and the first to be built on Martha’s Vineyard, a famous island just south of Cape Cod off the coast of Massachusetts. 

Cape Neddick Lighthouse:is one of America’s most photographed lighthouses, set against the picturesque backdrop of the rocky shores of the Atlantic Ocean. Every year an estimated 500,000 tourists.

Montauk Lighthouse: is not just Long Island’s first lighthouse, but also the oldest lighthouse in the state of New York. It is located on the far eastern side of Long Island.