Top 5 Groups of Animals With Exoskeletons

Crustaceans:The crustacean belongs to the arthropod group. They live mainly in oceans. You can also found them in freshwater.

Mollusks:Shelled mollusks fall into two groups: cephalopods and gastropods. Both groups have hard shell exoskeletons. The advantage of the shells is they serve as both protection and home. 

Centipedes and Millipedes: confused isn’t uncommon. They are actually very different. What first distinguishes them is centipedes have one pair of legs per segment. The centipede only has one.

Insects:The largest group of arthropods on earth, insects have hard exoskeletons. Made of chitin, the skeleton supports and protects bodies comprised of a head, thorax, and abdomen.

Arachnids:Belonging to the arthropod group, the spider family is kin to mites, ticks, chiggers, and scorpions. They all have exoskeletons over a two-part body. That’s the abdomen and cephalothorax.

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