top 5 Largest Dams In The United States

Oroville Dam :began in 1957 after decades of need for irrigation and power became a reality around the Sacramento. The dam sits on Lake Oroville regulates the water flowing through the Feather River.

Glen Canyon Dam: The creation of the dam in 1966 allowed Lake Powell to form, one of the most important artificial reservoirs across the entire country.

Dworshak Dam: Although it’s not as famous as the others, the Dworshak dam holds the record as the tallest straight-axis concrete dam in the entire Western Hemisphere.

New Bullards Bar Dam: is a radius concrete arch dam located slightly southeast of the Oroville Dam. This dam is important for Southern California, much like the Oroville Dam.It was completed in 1969.

Hoover Dam: Completed in 1936, the Hoover Dam represented a massive effort put forth by President Franklin Roosevelt to stem the economy during the Great Depression.

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