Top 5 Most Populated Cities In The U S

Phoenix, Arizona:The median value of owner-occupied housing units and average household income are $250,800 and $60,914, respectively. While 16.2% of people live below the poverty rate.

Chicago, Illinois: is the largest metropolis in Illinois, the Midwest, and the third largest in the country. According to the latest estimate from the Census Bureau, having recorded a 1.9%.

Los Angeles, California:The average household income in Los Angeles is $65,290, with a median house value of $670,700.The average age in Los Angeles is 35.9 years, while the poverty rate is pegged.

Houston, Texas:Throw the Texas Medical Center, Houston’s harbor, and NASA’s Johnson Space Center into the mix, and you have a truly global city. 

New York, New York State:There are 8.8 million people scattered across New York’s five boroughs, including Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, and Staten Island.