Top 5 Snakes in the Chesapeake Bay Basin

Eastern Garter Snake: is one of many different species of garter snake. They’re also one of the more common snakes in the Chesapeake Bay basin. They can be seen most in the southern regions .

Copperhead:snake bites more people in America each year than any other species of snake, including those in the Chesapeake Bay basin.

Northern Water Snake: is actually one of several subspecies of the common water snake. This subspecies is found in the northern regions of the United States.

Eastern Kingsnake:The eastern kingsnake can be found as far north as New Jersey. As a result, they’re a common snake in the Chesapeake Bay basin. 

Black Rat Snake: goes by many different names, including black snake, black chicken snake, black coluber, western rat snake, or pilot black snake. 

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