Top 5 States With Dangerous Blizzards

North Dakota:The March 1920 blizzard in North Dakota was one of the most deadly on record. It killed 34 people and left hundreds more stranded without heat, food or water. 

Nebraska:The Children’s Blizzard (aka Schoolhouse Blizzard) of January 12, 1888, was one of Nebraska’s deadliest weather events. Though large snowfall was predicted, a warm spell early in the day.

South Dakota:The swift change in weather was unexpected and caught hundreds of communities across South Dakota and the Midwest with their guard down.

Vermont:Most regions of the state average about 8 feet of snow every winter, so their winters are already severe. But when the blizzards hit, life gets mighty treacherous in this state.

Maine: is no stranger to dangerous blizzards. One of the most notorious was the Great Blizzard of 1888 also known as the Great White Hurricane. This winter storm struck the east coast on March 11-14.