Top 5 Water Snakes In South Carolina

Banded Water Snake: are 24 to 48 inches long and have flat heads and keeled scales on their back. They are typically brown, gray, or greenish-gray with dark cross band.

Plain-Bellied Water Snake:are 24 to 40 inches long. They are typically brown, green, gray, or black on their dorsal side.  However, their bellies are either reddish-orange or yellow.

Northern Water Snake:are large snakes that can reach lengths of up to 54 inches, with females being larger than males. There are currently four subspecies – Lake Erie water snake, midland water snake

Florida Green Water Snake:are the longest water snakes in North America and are 30 to 55 inches long, with a record of 74 inches. They are usually greenish-brown with dark speckles on their dorsal.

Brown Water Snake:are large snakes at 30 to 60 inches long. They are brown with large dark blotches down their back and smaller ones down their sides.  Although they have thick, heavy bodies.