Top 6 Largest Turkeys in the World

Eastern wild turkeys: can be found in most states east of the Mississippi and many states to the west as well. In fact, they live in 38 of the 50 states as well as a few areas of Canada. 

Merriam’s turkeys:Most Merriam’s turkeys live in the Rocky Mountains but in other western states as well. They are recognized by the white tips on their feathers. 

Osceola (Florida) turkeys:Osceola turkeys are native to Florida. These turkeys look similar to the Eastern wild turkey but have wings that appear a bit darker due to smaller white bands. 

Ocellated turkeys: weigh about 11 lbs (males) with the females being smaller, averaging 6 lbs. These turkeys look peacock-like with their iridescent feathers that have eye-shaped circles at the tips.

Gould’s wild turkeys:Gould’s wild turkeys are the largest of the turkey subspecies. This group of turkeys is one of the rarest turkey groups due to habitat loss and overhunting.

Rio Grande turkeys:The Rio Grande turkeys are the same size as the Osceola turkeys of Florida with the average male (male turkeys are called “Tom’s” or “Gobblers”) weighing about 20 lbs.

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