Top 6 Snake-Infested Lakes in Florida

Lake Okeechobee: is the largest freshwater lake in Florida and the tenth largest in the USA. But despite its amazing length, the lake isn’t nearly as deep as others its size, with an average depth.

Lake Iamonia: is a seven-mile subtropical prairie lake known for its many snake species. Some of the most common species found in and around the lake are banded water snakes, 

Lake Talquin: is a man-made reservoir located on Florida’s Ochlockonee River. Although the lake was initially created to generate hydroelectric power, this didn’t stop several species of snakes.

St. Johns River: is the largest river entirely within the state of Florida. Not only does the 310-mile river flow through 12 counties, but it is also extremely significant for commercial .

Lake Seminole: This man-made lake was completed in 1952 and was named after the Seminole Indians, the native Americans who initially occupied the area. The reservoir stretches 35 miles .

Seven Seas Lagoon: in Bay Lake is one of the most popular water bodies in Florida, probably because it is located in the Walt Disney World Resort.