Top 7 Best Dog Parks in Jacksonville

Dog Wood Park of Jacksonville: is one of the largest fenced dog parks in the country. It has a surface area of 42 acres, out of which 25 acres are fenced. Entry is based on the payment of a daily.

BrewHound Dog Park:is more than just a simple park for your furry friends.It acts as a full-fledged canine resort that will make your companion as happy as they can be. Entry fees start at $8 per day

Ed Austin Regional Dog Park: is a unique, one-of-a-kind park, as it’s an 18-hole golf course that has been refurbished into a canine exercise complex. The park is labeled a sports venue since.

Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park: is mainly for humans, so to speak, but has quite a few designated pet areas. Pets must be kept on a leash no longer than eight feet in length and must be attended to at all.

John Gorrie Dog Park of Riverside Park:will satisfy both owner and pet. Located in the historic neighborhood of Riverside, the park has a surface area of 11.4 acres. John Gorrie Dog Park can be found

Kanine Social:This is another high-end park for pups all around Jacksonville. The price of $10 a day is relatively small compared to the benefits Kanine Social comes with.

 OceanWay Park: is a pristine natural area that’s often used for fishing by locals. It features a dog park that comes with just the necessary things for a lovely playtime session in the afternoon.