Top 7 best dog parks in san diego

Balboa Park:Balboa Park has a surface area of 1200 acres, and any leashed dog can explore it thoroughly. An adventure with your pup here will take you through magnificent gardens.

 Little Italy Dog Park:Little Italy Dog Park is pretty close to Balboa Park, so you can retreat here in case the latter is too crowded. It consists of two fenced areas, one for small breeds and one for large ones.

Nate’s Point Dog Park:Nate’s Point Dog Park is an off-leash park and is located inside Balboa Park. As you’ll find out below, dogs are allowed only on a leash while trekking through Balboa Park. 

Kearny Mesa Leash:Kearny Mesa Dog Park can be found near the recreation center of the same name. It is a 1-acre park that has only one fenced area.

Fiesta Island Dog Park:This park is ideal if you want to enjoy nature while walking your dog. The Fiesta Island Dog Park is located on the island of the same name and stretches across its entire surface. 

Dusty Rhodes Dog Park:Dusty Rhodes Park is a one-of-a-kind park for your pup to explore as it is an open space pristine area that has no structures at all. 

Grape Street Off-Leash Area:Grape Street Off-Leash Area is yet another dog park located in Balboa Park. It is the largest dog park, with a surface area of 5 acres. 

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