Top 7 Cactus Types That Can Survive the Winter

Echinocereus: is a genus of small, eye-catching cacti known for their large, colorful flowers and unique thorn shapes. They are found in the western and central United States and much of Mexico.

Cylindropuntia:This is another super tall cold hardy cactus! Cylindropuntia cacti are characterized by their cylindrical segments and large harpoon-shaped spines. 

Ferocactus: is a round cactus with long curved spines that can be 2-2.5 inches in length. These plants are native to areas like California, Arizona, southern Nevada, and Mexico.

Echinopsis:Echinopsis cacti come in a variety of shapes, from globular to columnar, and have spines that range in length from half an inch to one inch.

Escobaria:These small cacti live in an area that ranges from Canada to Mexico, crossing through the entirety of the central United States. Due to their northern origin.

Oreocereus: is one of the tallest cold hardy cactuses. These lovely columnar-shaped cacti reach 9 feet tall outdoors and are hard down to 5°F, but only if they are in a completely arid environment.

Opuntia:are known for their curious flattened stems and small spines that can be irritating. They are one of the only cacti to have leaves, which appear while they are growing.

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