Top 7 Extinct Trees 

Ansault Pear Tree:This pear was reportedly so delicious it was recorded in The Pears of New York as ‘fruit of the highest quality.’ Described as buttery with a delicate scent.

Araucaria mirabilis:belongs to the Araucaria genus. It’s an extinct conifer that used to grow in Patagonia, Argentina. Araucaria reached 330 feet in height and had a diameter up to 11 feet.

Kokia cookei:It’s thought that Polynesian settlers began deforesting the island from around 1,000 AD for agriculture. This widespread clearance destroyed its habitat.

Taliaferro Apple Tree:Founding father Thomas Jefferson owned a huge 5000-acre estate called Monticello in Charlottesville, VA. It was there he bred an apple tree called the Taliaferro.

Sigillaria: was a lycopodiophyte tree that grew in the late carboniferous period and became extinct 300 million years ago. It grew to 100 feet tall and had a twisted trunk 3-4 feet in diameter.

St. Helena Olive:This tree was not a true olive, but a relative of the jujube tree. Helena Island in the south Atlantic ocean and is sometimes called the St. Helena mountain bush.

 Lepidodendron : grew in the Carboniferous period. This soft-trunked tree is often called ‘the scale tree’ because its fossilized bark resembles reptile scales.