Top 7 Fastest Cats in The World

Jaguar: is another one of the large cat breeds that can close distance on their prey with blinding speed. These elusive natives of South and Central America .

Serval:is one of the fastest wild cats out in the wild. These nimble creatures weigh between 10 and 40 pounds, but can sustain speeds of 40mph and even push the limit up to 50mph for short bursts.

Rusty-spotted Cat:is not only one of the fastest small cat species but also one of the smallest wild cats overall with an adult weight of 1 to 3lbs.

Egyptian Mau:can’t keep up with some of the big cats, the Egyptian Mau is one of the few breeds that are in the running for the fastest small cat.

Cougar:may not match the cheetah in speed, but these versatile felines can run at 30mph and reach sprinting speeds up to 50mph. 

Cheetah: is the first one mentioned when talking about the fastest cats in the world. Adults can move at a reliable speed of up to 60mph.

Margay: is another of the fastest wild cats that are native to the Americas. They are small and nimble creatures with many physical similarities to the larger ocelot cat species.

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