Top 7 Mushrooms that Grow in Mulch

Death Cap:This seemingly innocent mushroom is actually one of the world’s most toxic mushroom species. It accounts for a significant majority of fatal mushroom poisonings.

Bay Bolete:The bay bolete, known scientifically as Imleria badia, is an edible mushroom that can grow in mulch. It lives across Eurasia and North America.

Black Trumpet :is a highly prized fungus that thrives in mulch. Renowned for its rich, smoky taste and delightful fruity scent, this mushroom is a popular choice among culinary enthusiasts. 

Oyster :is known for its widespread consumption and global commercial significance. It is an edible fungus encompassing a variety of types, including some that flourish in mulch. 

White Dapperling:The white dapperling mushroom, sometimes called the white Agaricus, is part of the agaric fungus family. It grows in various settings, including mulch made of grass clippings.

Shaggy Parasol:The shaggy parasol mushroom is a prevalent species. They thrive in mulch, especially in areas abundant in grass, wood chips, and other materials that maintain high humidity levels. 

Yellow Fieldcap:This charming little fungus is frequently in grassy areas and along roadsides. It occasionally emerges in damp woodchip mulch as well. Notable for its rapid growth.

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