Top 7 Snowiest States in the U S

Colorado:receives 67.3 inches of snow. Similar to Vermont the Rocky Mountains create conditions for strong snowfalls each year. However it is further from the coast so it doesn’t get as much moisture

New York: is a pretty large state that stretches from the Atlantic Ocean all the way up to the Canadian border. The areas toward the northern part of the state get the most snow.

Alaska: is not the snowiest state in the country, as it is known for winter weather and its cold climate. However, it is only number 5 on the list of snowiest states!

Maine: is another beautiful state in New England with long, cold winters. It gets an average of 77.28 inches of snow each year. However, in the snowiest years, it can get up to 150 inches!

New Hampshire: is high up on the list of snowiest states. New Hampshire receives 71.44 inches of snow per year. However, the snowiest year in the state had more than 170 inches!

Vermont:The green and lush state of Vermont takes the crown as the snowiest state in the US. They have an average annual snowfall of just over 89 inches. However in some of the state’s snowiest years

Michigan:is no exception. Parts of the state are exceptionally snowy due to the lake effect from the Great Lakes. The lake effect happens when cold air comes down from Canada into the US .

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