Top 8 Animals That Look Like Ferrets But Actually Are Not

Mink:Mink are carnivorous mammals grouped into the Neogale and Mustela genera. They are also part of the Mustelidae family, which means they closely resemble ferrets and other mustelids. 

Badgers:Badgers have short, wide bodies, short legs, elongated heads, and small ears. Some species have short tails, while others have tails that can grow up to 18 – 20 inches long.

Otters:Otters are also part of the Mustelidae family and are grouped into the Lutrinae subfamily. Thirteen species of otters are further grouped into seven genera.

Wolverines:Wolverines are sometimes called carcajou, glutton, or quickhatch. They are primarily found in subarctic and alpine tundras and the northern boreal forests. 

Polecats:The term “polecat” refers to several species that are part of the Ictonychinae and Mustelinae subfamilies. Since they’re part of the Mustelidae family, they’re also mustelids like ferrets.

Martens:Martens are part of the Martes genus, which is part of the Mustelidae family that includes ferrets. So, naturally, martens and ferrets have similar appearances. 

Weasels:These small mammals usually have white bellies and red or brown upper coats. Their bodies are long and slender, while their tails are short, measuring up to 2 inches long. 

Skunks:Skunks are those black-and-white mammals that “produce” strong, unpleasant scents! Unlike other mammals in this list, skunks aren’t part of the Mustelidae family. 

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