Top 8 Animals with One Horn

Cassowary:is the bright blue, red, and purple of the skin on its neck. The second thing you notice is the large horn atop its head. This horn is also called a casque. 

Rhinoceros Beetle: This insect has a brown or gray exterior and can measure up to six inches long. It lives in areas all over the world except the continent of Antarctica.

Narwhal:Its horn can be up to ten feet in length. Furthermore, these sea creatures can grow to more than 17 feet long and weigh 4200 pounds. They live in frigid, Arctic bodies of water.

 Horned Silkworm: is a brightly colored caterpillar measuring around three inches in length. This caterpillar turns into a silkworm moth. It has one horn on the tail end of its body. 

Indian Rhinoceros:makes the list due to the large horn on its snout. Its horn can measure 8 to 25 inches in length and is a mixture of keratin and hair. 

Unicornfish:Though these fish are named after an imaginary creature, they are very real! Its horn can be as long as 2.5 inches. But keep in mind that this fish’s body can measure two feet long.

Rhino-Horned Lizard: is a small reptile measuring several inches long including its tail. This animal has one horn on the end of this creature’s nose is about two-thirds the length of its head. 

Saola:This is because the saola also called the Asian unicorn, is very rarely seen. This small deer can only be found in Vietnam. Its existence was discovered just three decades ago in 1992.