Top 8 Best Books About Pets Available Today

Promises To My Pet: is a great book to read before taking in a pet. Written by Claire Chew, it contains all the information you need to consider when caring for a pet.

Complete Cat Care Manual:The book, which is available in hardcover and paperback, is highly rated for its detailed chapters, which outline various topics about our feline friends. 

Pet Nation: is a compelling and factual book that dives into the history of pet keeping and how pets have transformed our homes, culture, and economy through the decades. 

The Encyclopedia of Natural Pet Care:The Encyclopedia of Natural Pet Care, by natural health writer C.J. Puotinen, features information on alternative health practices for pets.

Small Pets and Pet Care:The Complete and Practical Guide to Small Pets and Pet Care contains a range of information on the ownership of various small pets, including rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters.

The Little Book of Pets:The Little Book of Pets by Zack Bush and Laurie Friedman is an informative book for kids ages three to 10 that makes learning about pet care interesting.

The Complete Healthy Dog Handbook:The Complete Healthy Dog Handbook is a detailed and highly-rated bestselling dog book written by veterinarian Betsy Brevitz. A must-read for all dog lovers.

Exotic Pets:The book, written by John Newborne, features information on various exotic pets that can make great domesticated companions in the United States. Animals covered range from mammals .

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