Top 8 Best Horses in the World

Belgian Draft Horse: is one of the strongest horses used for work. Growing to 68 inches tall and weighing over 2,000 pounds, these horses have the strength needed for any task.

Dutch Warmblood: is one of the best jumping horse breeds. These breeds represent some of the best horses developed during the breeding programs designed after World War II.

Arabian: have a look that the Arabian Horse Association describes as “striking.” This breed is one that most people recognize very quickly, being a regular feature in equine-related art. 

Lipizzan:considered the best dancing horse, descends from a line of eight stallions that the Habsburg monarchy owned. These horses have been associated with Austria’s Spanish Riding School of Vienna.

Friesian: is often considered one of the most expensive horse breeds due to its rarity. Although believed to have been used to carry knights into battle in the Middle Ages.

Quarter Horse: is easy to describe as being the most popular breed, with three million registered according to the AQHA. These horses are serious contenders for the title of the best racing horse.

Shire:is the tallest horse and one of the strongest. These horses have held records for being the largest or tallest horse on different occasions. The large powerful horses have excelled at farm work

Thoroughbred:are among the fastest horse breeds. These horses descend from lines that make the breed the best racing horse, including Darley and Godolphin Arabian bloodlines.