Top 8 Dangerous Spiders 

Black Widow Spiders:The female members of this species, which can be identified by the black body and red hourglass markings on the abdomen, measures about 1 or 2 inches long with legs extended.

Brown Widow Spider: is among the most dangerous spiders in North America. It actually first evolved in Africa and then spread throughout many other parts of the globe, including southern California.

American Yellow Sac Spider: is among the most common types of spiders found in Eurasia and Africa. There are more than 200 documented species but this is the only one entirely native to North America

Six-Eyed Sand Spider: is a large, gray-colored spider (measuring 1 or 2 inches long) that buries itself in the sand and waits for prey to pass by. While most species are native to South America.

Brown Recluse Spider: is perhaps the deadliest species in all of North America. It can be identified by the brown or gray body, the violin-shaped markings, the long legs, and the three pairs of eyes.

Tarantulas: which preys upon insects, small lizards, and even other spiders, thrives in habitats as diverse as dry and arid deserts rugged mountains, and rainforests. But don’t let its size fool you.

Wolf Spider: earned its name from the highly developed predatory instincts. Once it has spotted a suitable prey, the wolf spider will pursue its quarry and pounce on it like the carnivorous animal.

Red Widow Spider:The long and sinewy legs of the female can reach up to 2 inches in size, while the male is less than an inch long. Their natural range is fairly limited to the palmetto scrubland .

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