Top 8 Deadliest Cats

Domesticated Cat:Their popularity as pets has grown all over the world, but that prodigious spread has also allowed them to become one of the world’s deadliest non-native invasive species.

Black-Footed Cat: uses its exceptional night vision and hearing to hunt exclusively under the cover of darkness and takes advantage of its tiny body to slink carefully through the tall grass.

Cheetah:have fast metabolisms, but the former has to spend roughly all of its waking time hunting, while the latter instead focuses on being as efficient with its energy usage as possible.

Bobcat:They might not be the biggest cat in the world, but the roughly 40-pound bobcat is definitely enough to pose a threat to both humans and their pets.

Lion:engage in similar tactics, using ambush techniques to get as close to a herd of prey animals as possible and then working together to take down the weakest and most vulnerable members .

Leopard:take a different approach to avoiding territorial aggression or poaching from hyenas, lions, and other big cats. 

Puma:enjoy both a higher success rate and a higher overall volume of kills than wolves. That comes down to hunting strategies, with pumas being more patient ambush predators .

Tiger:about once a week and rarely have to worry about other predators stealing with meals. But in environments like Russia — where larger game and snowy environments prevail.

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