Top 8 Most Expensive Airlines in the World

British Airways: is all about the little things. First-class tickets get you comfortable seating (as you’d expect from any high-end flight.

All Nippon Airways (ANA: finding an airline partnered with the Star Alliance is extremely valuable. 

Etihad Airways: If other high-end airlines offer “hotels” in the sky, Etihad offers an entire apartment. 

Qatar Airways: feels more like booking a nice hotel than a crowded plane.

Japan Airlines: has a lot of luxury features. First-class passengers enjoy spacious seats with walled-in sides.

Emirates: is synonymous with luxury air travel. The ultra-high-end airline is based in Dubai.

Singapore Airlines: Trying to sleep or even just stretch is usually impossible — but not with Singapore Airlines. 

Cathay Pacific: The ultra-expensive airline offers a wide range of luxury amenities, including.

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