Top 8 Most Expensive VR Headsets You Can Actually Buy

Varjo Aero Virtual Reality Headset: Time for the top three most expensive VR headsets! These are the priciest setups out there — be ready to spend thousands.

HP Reverb G2 Virtual Reality Headset: At number seven is the costly HP Reverb G2. The updated design features more cameras for motion-tracking.

VIVE Pro Secure: was made for classified work — think secret government operations or advanced training simulations for government agents.

Varjo VR-3: an advanced VR headset capable of mixed reality. That means you can use this setup for full immersion.

VIVE Focus 3: A lot of VR setups are targeted at gamers, but this one is meant for businesses. It’ll work for other stuff.

VIVE Pro 2: You can find a lot of wireless VR headsets on the market, including the Quest 2, but this isn’t one of them. 

Pimax 8K VR: The Pimax 8K VR headset is famous for two reasons: it blew up on Kickstarter and it’s the first VR setup on the planet to feature 8K resolution. 

Meta Quest 2: was once solely known as the Oculus Quest 2, but that changed when Facebook rebranded.

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