Top 8 Heaviest and Fattest Cats

Domestic Shorthair: aren’t a breed so much as they’re a catchall category for any cats that don’t belong to a specific breed — and it’s estimated that they represent a shocking 95% .

Maine Coon:local Stewie measured 48.5 inches long, while his English successor Ludo measured 46.6 inches. They weighed 33 pounds and 34 pounds respectively. 

Persian: But while cartoonist Jim Davis has never provided a definitive answer, the breed does tend to share both Garfield’s laziness and his propensity for overeating.

Ragamuffin: isn’t technically the largest domestic breed, but they’re significantly larger than the average house cat. Whereas the average house cat tops out at around 10 pounds.

Sphynx:And while these cats aren’t necessarily any more prone to overeating than other breeds, the sphynx’s unique physiology can sometimes make finding the right nutritional balance difficult.

 Norwegian Forest Cat:commonly and affectionately known as the “wegie” — is widely acknowledged as the second-largest cat breed around. Females can weigh between 8 and 18 pounds.

Savannah:The wild African cat known as the serval averages around 25 pounds in weight, and that’s roughly the maximum weight of the Savannah cat. Though a fully domesticated breed.

Turkish Van:An adult Turkish van can reach a weight of 15 pounds, but its beautiful and fluffy fur can conceal how large and powerful this breed of cat really is.

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