Top 8 Most Dangerous Roads in Texas

U.S. Highway 77:Hop in for a ride down U.S. Highway 77, fondly known as the “Main Street of Texas.” Traversing from Oklahoma to Mexico, it cuts right through the heart of the Lone Star State.

U.S. Highway 83: one of Texas’ most dangerous roads? Its winding path, isolated stretches, and high-speed limits create a perfect storm for potential road hazards.

State Highway 16: this roadway travels through a mix of bustling cityscapes and serene country landscapes. However, this diverse and lengthy road demands respect for its hidden dangers.

 Interstate 10:Get set for a thrilling ride along Interstate 10, a transcontinental pathway that connects the Atlantic to the Pacific, cutting a significant swath through Texas. 

Interstate 45:Brace yourself for a journey down Interstate 45 – a road where hustle and bustle meets hazard. This important stretch connects two major Texas cities—Dallas and Houston.

Interstate 35:Welcome to Interstate 35—the highway that never sleeps! Spanning the entire length of the Lone Star State from Laredo at the Mexican border, slicing through the heart of major cities like San Antonio, Austin, and Dallas.

U.S. Highway 281:It’s a critical link for many communities, but don’t let that fool you. The dangers lurking on this highway are as real as the landscapes it traverses.

U.S. Highway 59:Get ready for a deep dive into U.S. Highway 59, often known as the ‘Lifesaver.’ This roadway carves a path from the Canadian border all the way down to Mexico, traversing the width of Texas on its way. 

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