Top 8 Most Expensive & Valuable Guns in Existence

The Gun That Killed Billy the Kid: Billy was an outlaw who murdered at least 27 men before his death at the age of 21. 

John Reese Kenly’s Gun: At some point during his life, Kenly received Sam Wilson’s handgun. 

The Rare .34 Percussion Colt Paterson: The inventor and designer won the groundbreaking patent for a revolving mechanism that allowed.

The Danish Sea Captain Walker: the gun manufacturer run by Samuel Colt who patented a groundbreaking revolver system. 

George Washington’s Guns: Coming in at number two are George Washington’s personal guns.

Theodore Roosevelt’s Shotgun: Theodore Roosevelt (or Teddy Roosevelt) was born in 1858 in New York. 

The Gun That Killed Jesse James: was born in Clay County Missouri in 1847. As the son of a slave owner.

The Rare French Pistols From 1825: That high price tag was the result of the guns’ historic value. 

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