Top 8 of the Most Expensive Speakers in 

WAMM Master Chronosonic Speaker: a high-tech design with a high-budget price tag that’s all too real — be ready to drop $850,000.

The Infinite Grande Speakers: The Infinite Grande Speakers have a bold name and a bold price tag. 

MasterStack12 Tower Speakers: the MasterStack12 gets its price tag thanks to high-tech sound systems.

Hart’s Audio Speakers in Gold: The incredible design was created by Hart’s Audio, a loudspeaker brand in the business since 2003.

The Moon Audio Titan Limited-Production Speaker Set: were made by Moon Audio. According to the brand, the expensive design was made to outperform.

The Transmission Audio Ultimate: When most people think of speakers, they probably imagine relatively small devices that are built into phones.

The Magico Ultimate Speakers: These sound machines offer a crazy-looking design that’s super eye-catching.

Grand Enigma: It all starts with the imposing setup featuring a wall of audio equipment.

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