Top 8 Scariest Dog Breeds

Wolfdog:Many dogs get a reputation for being most dangerous or intimidating because their history as working dogs has benefited powerful and burly canines, but the wild unpredictability .

Cane Corso:has often been treated as one of the most aggressive dogs throughout history. it true that they were once bred to be war dogs, these Italian mastiffs have since mellowed with age. 

American Pit Bull: the fact that it was originally used in the bloody sport that could take the form of either bull-baiting or dogfighting. Due to this reputation as one of the most aggressive.

German Shepherd:You can at least partially blame Hollywood’s portrayal of German shepherds on film and TV. The heroic Rin Tin Tin is arguably both the most famous German shepherd in the world .

Rottweiler: have some of the strongest bite strength out of all the dog breeds, but they’re also just one of the strongest dog breeds in general. That’s by design. 

Great Dane: easily ranks among the largest dog breeds on Earth, and one of its members has earned the honor of tallest dog in the world. Freddy towers at an incredible seven and a half feet standing.

Kangal: is another dog whose specialized breeding as a herding worker has also earned it a reputation as both an excellent dog for keeping away intruders and one of the most powerful breeds.

Doberman Pinscher:r can be one of the most loyal companions around — but that shouldn’t be surprising when you consider that they were bred with the explicit purpose of serving as guard dogs.

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