Top 8 Strangest Dog Breeds

Chow Chow:has earned the sobriquet of “lion dog” thanks to its fluffy mane, but its personality is often also compared to that of cats. That manifests as a stiff independent streak .

Brussels Griffon: may look like it could only have come from the mind of a sci-fi writer, but their wizened and bearded faces are the results of concentrated breeding. 

Chinese Crested Dog:The hairless Chinese Crested Dog isn’t entirely bald, and that makes it look even stranger than it otherwise would. Wild tufts of fur sprout out around its legs, tail, and face.

New Guinea Singing Dog: isn’t among the strangest looking dogs in the world, having a shape and features similar to many spitz breeds. But as soon as it opens its mouth, you can tell how unique .

Bergamasco Shepherd:Despite the unique hair, these dogs don’t even need regular grooming. The breed’s large size and working heritage mean they need a decent amount of exercise and space to live in.

Xoloitzcuintli:If you thought Mexican hairless dogs were simply a reference to hairless Chihuahuas, it’s time you met the Xoloitzcuintli. The former is caused by an associated health issue.

 Bull Terrier: is a pretty widely recognized breed, but that doesn’t stop it from being one of the strangest-looking dogs out there. Most of it is in the face, which has a uniquely egg-like shape .

Telomian :breed raised by one of Indonesia’s smallest and most remote indigenous groups, it makes sense that the Telomian is not just rare but also unusual when compared to the most popular breeds. 

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