Top 8 Talking Birds in The World

Crows: like parrots, can learn how to mimic random sounds and retain them in their memory. However, crows tend to do so better than parrots, retaining about 100 words. 

Magpies: are another corvid kin, and wild magpies often form friendships with people. A few have become internet sensations and even talk with crows. Some people adopt abandoned baby magpies.

Starlings:family contains all birds in the family Sturnidae. They are perhaps the best known on this list for their singing ability and wide range of sounds.

Myna Birds:are large, softbill Asian sect of the starling family. They are famous for their impressive speaking abilities. Their repertoire is about 100 words .

Ravens: are large and distinguishable from their crow relatives by a croaking call instead of a “caw.” Ravens are known for their crafty intelligence in planning, bartering, and utilising tools. 

Parrots: species are able to mimic human speech and conversation. Of the genera Psittaciformes, parrots have been known to learn multiple languages, give TED talks, and even front heavy metal bands.

Lyrebirds:can mimic not only human speech but almost any sound in the world, and they can do so accurately. Unlike other talking bird species, even wild lyrebirds can mimic speech upon interacting.

Mockingbirds:The name of the mockingbird outright tells you this bird’s speech is anything it can hear and imitate. That can go for other birds’ songs, other animal sounds, electronic .

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