Top 8 Tallest Cats

 Bengals:Standing 13-16 inches tall, the Bengal cat has a rather sleek and exotic look about them. While many of the other tall cats on this list are quite girthy, the same is not true of the Bengal.

British Shorthairs:Ranging from 12-14 inches tall, the British shorthair can’t get quite as tall as the Highlander cat. However, even their shortest tall cats have a couple of inches on the last.

Maine Coon Cats: is quite a majestic sight as the largest domestic cat breed. Like many others on this list, the Maine Coon cat is a hybrid, standing at up to 42 inches.

Ragdolls: is quite a large cat breed in weight, reaching about 9-11 inches in height (like the Siberian cat). Much like other breeds on this list, they are highly sociable with nearly anyone .

Highlanders:is one of the newest pets with a whole lot to love, reaching 24 pounds and standing 10-16 inches when fully grown. Other cats that stand about the same height include the Turkish Van .

Siberian Cats:is ever the lap cat, adoring the affection of its owners. They stand about 9-11 inches tall, and they are extremely healthy. 

Norwegian Forest Cats:stands 9-12 inches tall, and it is beloved by many for the way it bonds with owners of all ages. They are incredibly social and affectionate.

Savannahs: is almost the tallest domestic breed in the world, but it has quite an impressive lineage to back it up. Their breeding comes originally from Servals in Africa.

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