Top 8 Tiniest Cats

Devon Rex:ranks among the cutest cat breeds as well as those that don’t shed much. Despite being a medium-sized cat, the Devon Rex’s fine features and delicate angles make it feel significantly .

Manx:can be born with one of two types of tails. Rumpies have no tail at all, while stumpies have a slight stump where their tail should be. This breed’s lack of a tail is likely due to a random .

Rusty-Spotted Cat: Typically weighing less than four pounds and measuring less than a foot and a half in length, the rusty-spotted cat is an arboreal hunter who prowls .

Genetta:The Bengal cat was first bred in 1963 as an attempt to create a domestic breed with the markings and facial structure resembling a wildcat.

Singapura:An average female Singapura weighs only four pounds and stands only half a foot tall. That makes them the number one breed of cats that stay small.

Munchkin: A rare genetic mutation is the source of their uniquely stubby legs — and while these traits have occasionally been seen in art throughout history, it wasn’t until 1983 .

Himalayan:are normally medium-sized cats with dense and heavy builds. Despite that, the smallest domesticated cat in history is a Himalayan. As the runt of his litter.

Dwelf: is a portmanteau of dwarf and elf — a reference to both its dwarfish stature and its bizarrely elfin features. Its large eyes, unique facial features, and hairless body .

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