Top 8 Types of Big Dogs

Neapolitan Mastiff:This is a huge, solidly built dog with an enormous head and smashed-in face full of folds, dewlaps, and wrinkles. This gives the dog a melancholy look, but it is affectionate.

Great Dane:This famously huge and sweet-natured dog originated not in Denmark but in Germany. It is one of the oldest big dog breeds and first appeared as long ago as 2000 BC.

Irish Wolfhound:is not just big, it is tall. When it stands on its hind legs it can be 7 feet tall. Another ancient breed, this dog originated in Ireland around 100 BC to, as its name says.

St. Bernard:the Saint Bernard originated in Switzerland about 1000 years ago, a descendent of a mastiff ancient Romans brought to the Swiss Alps 1000 years before that.

Mastiff:Developed in Great Britain around 1000 BC, this massive dog was bred as a guardian and praised by no less a personage than Julius Caesar for its bravery.

Newfoundland:This dog is not only huge, but its fluffy coat makes it look not only bigger than it already is but definitely ursine. Yet, the Newfoundland is a gentle giant. 

Komondor:The long hair of this big dog grows naturally into dreadlocks or cords. The hairs grow so long that they cover the animal’s feet. The komondor originated in Hungary in the 9th century .

Leonberger:The reason for this dog’s existence is singular. Originating in Germany in 1846, the Leonberger was bred for no other reason than to resemble the dog on the crest of the town of Leonberg. 

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