Top 9 Best Beaches in Illinois

63rd Street Beach:Since Chicago happens to be a popular travel destination during the summer months, it’s helpful to know which beaches are worth checking out in the city. 

Glencoe Beach:Glencoe Beach is an amazing option whether you’re going alone, with family, or with friends. At this beach, you can enjoy beach picnics as well as tons of beach rentals. 

Belmont Harbor Dog Beach:This beach is located about five miles north of downtown Chicago. This beach is a dog park that features a small area of sandy beach.

Leone Beach:This is a quintessential beach that is part of Chicago’s 18 street-end municipal beaches. Visiting this beach is well worth it, as there are tons of lakefront spots for sunbathing.

Illinois Beach State Park:This beach stretches over 6.5 miles along the shores of Lake Michigan. So if you happen to live in northern Illinois or are planning a trip there, we highly recommend checking this beach out.

Lake Shelbyville:Outside of the gorgeous beaches, Lake Shelbyville also offers anglers the opportunity to fish! If you happen to enjoy golfing, there is also a golf course nearby as well.

57th Street Beach:This is one of the best beaches in Illinois for going swimming — especially long-distance swimming. This beach has it all, as it features lifeguards on duty, accessible restrooms, and even food stalls. 

North Avenue Beach:is one of the most popular beaches in the area. This is a beach that gets busy during the peak summer season. 

Calumet Beach:This public beach is located in Chicago’s Calumet Park. This is about 14 miles south of downtown Chicago. 

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