Top 9 Dangerous Insects 

Wasps, Bees, Ants and Hornets:are probably the most venomous insects on earth. The females sting, and sometimes those stings are harmful beyond causing severe pain. 

Mosquito: is far and away the deadliest of dangerous insects. The parasite injected from the bite from this tiny creature causes more deaths and illness than the bite or sting of any other insect.

Monarch Butterfly:The innocent, beautiful and revered monarch is one of the most poisonous insects on the planet. It does not bite or sting, not even as a pretty, tiger-striped caterpillar. 

Tsetse Fly:These very odd and dangerous insects which feed their larvae with milk and give birth to them in that order are found in tropical Africa. 

Flea: fleas are primitive wingless insects that make a living sucking the blood of other animals. They sometimes even parasitize those animals that are distasteful to lice, such as bats.

 Louse:They are obligated to feed on warm-blooded animals, and there‚Äôs a louse for just about every animal who is not a bat, an egg-laying mammal such as a platypus or a pangolin.

Assassin Caterpillar:The caterpillar of Lonomia obliqua eventually turns into a large, rather pretty brown silkworm moth. Native to South America, it is harmless and like other silkworm moths.

Kissing Bug: is not, which adds to its gruesomeness. There are 130 species of this insect, and a couple of them are responsible for spreading Chagas disease.

Blister Beetle:is also one of the poisonous insects. That is, it should not be eaten or even handled, for it secretes a chemical called cantharidin. Cantharidin raises blisters on the skin.

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