Top 9 Different Types of Poisonous Mushrooms

False Parasol:is one of the most consumed toxic mushrooms in North America. Also known as the green-spored parasol, the false parasol, and the aptly-named vomiter.

Fool’s Mushroom:Also related to death caps and destroying angels, fool’s mushrooms are all white. They have delicate gills and a striking appearance, but they are just as poisonous as their relatives

False Champignon:While the false champignon is rarely deadly, the frequent occurrence of this mushroom is what makes it so dangerous. Found in grassy fields and lawns along the West Coast.

Death Cap:The Amanita genus contains multiple poisonous species, as well as edible ones. The death cap mushroom can be found around the world in a variety of settings .

False Morels:This is typically only possible after cooking these types of mushrooms. However, even this process isn’t 100% safe, as many individuals have suffered from neurological symptoms.

Jack-o’Lantern: is commonly found in Europe, North America and Japan. It is frequently mistaken for chanterelles, a prized type of culinary mushroom.

Destroying Angel: Amanita magnivelaris grows in North and South America, Amanita virosa grows in Europe, and Amanita ocreata grows in North America, particularly the Pacific Northwest.

Lepidella: Plus, they look just like a variety of edible mushrooms, particularly the highly-prized matsutake mushroom found in the Pacific Northwest. 

Webcaps:There are over 2000 different webcap species in the genus Cortinarius alone. The fool’s webcap, deadly webcap, and splendid webcap are all toxic representatives of this type of mushroom.

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