Top 9 Most Expensive Rust Skins Ever Released

Tempered Mp5:  is a skin for the MP5A4 item. It’s cosmetically different from the base weapon but not physically different.

Punishment Mask: is a metal facemask skin that was unfortunately hit with a copyright claim only about two hours after it went up on the Rust store. 

Metal Tree Door: The most expensive Rust skin is the Metal Tree Door. It’s a skin for the wooden door.

Fire Jacket:  is a skin for your jacket items. It’s not functionally different from a normal jacket, but it has the cautionary yellow stripes that give it the contrast of a fire safety uniform.

Horror Bag: Bag is priced at $620 on the Steam marketplace. It’s a skin for Rust’s Sleeping Bag item. It’s yellow and has black bats and pumpkins on it.

Big Grin: Grin facemask skin was one of the first created for Rust around 5 years ago. There aren’t many in circulation.

Egg Suit:  Suit is a skin that has yet to be released, though it’s planned to hit the Rust marketplace in 2023. 

Alien Relic SMG: has the honor of being the most expensive weapon in Rust (the rest of the skins on this list are clothing or constructions).

Creepy Clown Bandana: The bandana mask is a common Rust item. The Creepy Clown Bandana is a limited-edition version for Halloween 2015, featuring a creepy clown nose.

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