top 9 magnificent mountains in mexico

Popocatépetl: is the second highest of the mountains in Mexico and it’s also a volcano. But Popocatépetl is an active volcano. The last eruption was in 2000 and it was a very strong eruption. 

Ajusco: is an extinct volcano so there’s no fear that this mountain will erupt. But if you’re going to hike Ajusco be prepared for lots of company. It’s the most hiked mountain in Mexico.

Sierra Negra: One of the most interesting things about this Sierra Negra is that it’s the site of two very important world-renowned scientific pieces of equipment. 

Matlalcueitl:Sometimes this mountain is called Matlalcueitl but most people know it as La Malinche. It is the primary land feature of La Malinche National Park.

Picacho Del Diablo:This is one of the more difficult mountains in Mexico to climb. The summit is a series of granite rocks and the incline to get to them is steep. 

Cerro de la Silla:This mountain is located within the city limits of Monterrey and it’s become a sort of unofficial symbol of the city. 

Cerro El Potosí:is one of the few mountains in Mexico that actually gets snow in the winter. It’s the highest mountain in this part of Mexico and it dominates the landscape.

Pico de Orizaba:is the highest peak in Mexico. It’s also the third highest peak in North America. This stunning snow capped mountain that looks down over the Orizaba valley is actually a volcano.

Sierra Madre Occidental:is a large plateau that is part of the Sierra Madre chain of mountains in Mexico. These mountains begin in Sonora, Mexico and extends through the southeast part of Mexico.

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