Top 9 Most Devastating Landslides in the U S

1958 Lituya Bay Landslide:In 1958, Lituya Bay in Alaska experienced a couple of natural disasters in a short period— an earthquake, a landslide, and a megatsunami. 

1925 Gros Ventre Landslide:Indeed, Kelly County in Wyoming is a beautiful town, but the town would never forget the tragedy, the Gros Ventre Landslide of June 23rd, 1925. 

2013 Bingham Canyon Landslide:The Bingham Canyon Mine is one of America’s largest copper mines and is about 2.5 miles wide. On that very day, there were two rockslides, lasting roughly 90 seconds each.

2005 La Conchita Landslide:Tragically, this landslide led to the death of ten people. The slide penetrated the town at the end of the slope and killed seven adults and three children. 

2014 Oso Washington Landslide:Washington City has had its fair share of bad days, and March 22nd, 2014, was one of them. Washington’s Steel Head Haven Community lost about 43 residents to the ghastly Oso Landslide. 

1983 Thistle Landslide:The most devastating landslides in the United States take lives and properties with them. However, although the 1983 Thistle Landslide successfully wiped out the whole town.

1959 Madison County Landslide:Landslides are not new to the residents of Madison County. Yet, the 1959 slide triggered by the Hebgen Lake earthquake remains one of the most devastating landslides in the United States. 

1982 San Francisco Bay Area Landslide:California spent the first week of the year in 1982 experiencing about 18,000 landslides around the San Francisco Bay Area. 

1969 Nelson County Landslide:In the United States, some devastating landslides like the Thistle Slide and the Bingham Canyon Landslides recorded no fatalities. 

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