Top 9 Rarest Nitro Type Cars Ever Released - Shortcut

The Wild 500: is one of the rarest Nitro Type cars, with only one player owning this car. Players need to complete the Wild Legend achievement to receive this car. 

The Wildflower 750: is another exclusive Nitro Type car owned by Wildflower. She is currently the only player who was rewarded with this car.

The Kringle 5000 L.T: was released during the 2015 Xmaxx Event. Players were required to complete the L.T. 

The Xcelsior V12: was released in 2013, along with the introduction of Gold Membership. It could be obtained by completing the Racing to Gold achievement.

Shadow X-Maxx Tree:  has an interesting design that resembles the shadow of a Christmas tree. The car was first released during the 2012 Xmaxx Event.

Liberty ’41 Woodie Sunshine:  is the second-rarest event car in Nitro Type owned by one 80 players.

Hang Fifteen:  is the rarest event car in Nitro Type. The car was earned by only 75 people. Despite this, the car was never classified as Legendary.

9 Bit Racer: was released during Season 27. It could be obtained via a Bonus Tier. The players were required to log in as a Gold Member during the season to get this car.

NitroPAC: was released in the game during the PAC Event in 2018. In this event, players would complete the PAC Pro achievements.

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