Top 9 Types of Monstera Plants

Mini Monstera:They reach no more than eight feet tall and require very minimum care, just like their monstera look-alikes. Mini monsteras are more common each and every day.

Monstera Obliqua:The average cost for a 4-inch tall monstera obliqua runs you about $200, with larger plants going for far more. One of the reasons why this monstera variety is so expensive.

Monstera Dubia:This particular monstera variety is rare and will likely need to be ordered from a specialty nursery or plant store. But it is incredibly unique and worth the hunt! 

Monstera Lechleriana:is a great choice for those of you seeking something striking and unique. While these plants are often mislabeled as monstera adansonii, you may get lucky and find .

Monstera deliciosa:It reaches an average of 10 feet when grown outdoors, capable of reaching up to 20 feet, but you can also reach semi-large sizes indoors as well with proper care.

Monstera Acuminata: The leaves of this monstera may be strikingly similar to the monstera adansonii, but they are a darker green overall, with more veins and striking patterns. 

Monstera Variegata:The care for this particular monstera is the same as the monstera deliciosa, though many people who own variegated monsteras take extra care of their leaves.

Monstera adansonii:This particular monstera variety is much smaller than the monstera deliciosa, but it still has beautiful foliage with trademark holes in its leaves. 

Monstera Peru: They are glossy and similar in shape to a rubber tree. However, monstera Peru houseplants are much rarer compared to rubber trees. You may struggle to find one of these plants.