Top 10 Most Must-See Architectural Wonders of the Modern World

Cumulus Building: Located in Danfoss Universe (an amusement park), Cumulus building is a public museum designed by  J. Mayer H.

Guggenheim Museum: It was first opened to the public on October 18, 1997.

Burj al Arab: Burj Al Arab is a hotel built on an artificial island.

Ferrari World: Ferrari World is an amusement park for kids and especially for kids at heart car lovers.

National Centre for the Performing Arts: Inaugurated on December 2007. This structure houses an opera house and is primarily made of titanium.

Capital Gate: The Capital Gate Tower in Abu Dhabi can be said to be the Leaning Tower of Pisa of the modern world.

Sunrise Kempinski Hotel: Sunrise Kempinski Hotel is another luxury 5-star hotel with a very unique and modern architectural design. 

Nagoya Science Museum and Planetarium: Originally just a science museum, the structure was renovated last 2012 to add a planetarium that mainly features modern science and technology.

The Marina Bay Sands Hotel: This luxury 5-star hotel and casino can be found in Marina Bay Sands, a resort integrated on the famous Marina Bay of Singapore.

Tokyo SkyTree: The skyscraper’s construction finished on February 2012 and was opened to the public 3 months after. 

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