Top 10 Most Awesome Places To See The Aurora Borealis

Greenland: Greenland has an even colder climate than Iceland and due to its geographic location, it’s quite easy to see the Aurora.

Canada: Canada being located in one of the top most areas of the Northern Hemisphere finds itself on our list with ease.

Iceland: The entire country of Iceland has multiple spots where you can view this beautiful phenomenon.

Alaska: Alaska is the most amazing place to check out the Aurora Borealis. 

Norway: Norway presents a couple of awesome opportunities to check out the Aurora Borealis. 

Russia: Due to the heavily arctic temperatures and snowy areas in the Northern regions.

Denmark: Denmark marks another European country that is simply perfect for viewing the Aurora.

Scotland: Along with beautiful scenic areas on its own, Scotland also provides multiple locations to check out the Aurora Borealis. 

Finland: Finland like many of the other European countries is perfectly geographically located to view the Aurora.

Sweden: Sweden is one of the European companies that people love to visit.