Top 10 Awesome Places To Go Whale Watching

Juneau, Alaska: Alaska definitely has it’s own beauty. Nature in Alaska is raw and untouched for the most part.

Haleiwa, Hawaii: Here’s yet another tropical experience that you can take for a slightly different take on whale watching.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico: This is a bit more of tropical option when it comes to whale watching.

Greenland: This may be a much colder option but it still remains just a fulfilling an experience as any of the aforementioned places.

Victoria, Australia: There is simply nothing like heading out in a large body of water near a place as beautiful as Victoria, Australia.

Vancouver, Canada: Vancouver may not be the first place on any list when it comes to whale watching.

Cape May, New Jersey: Cape May in New Jersey has an area that is dedicated to helping tourists experience this amazing opportunity.

New Zealand: Like many of the previous places on the list, New Zealand has plenty of private and public companies.

Provincetown, Massachusetts: For a little taste of the New England experience, you may want to venture out to Provincetown.

Oahu, Hawaii: Hawaii has plenty of whale watching opportunities and Oahu is certainly another one of them.

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